Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Little Melody Osheroff

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t follow my father’s footsteps into the police department. I thought about it- but I guess I knew I didn’t really have the temperament.

This last week, a little girl and her dad were holding hands, crossing the street near their home, when a drunk motorcycle rider ran a stop sign and went right through them. Nine-year-old Melody died nine hours later and her father Aaron lost his leg and was in jeopardy of losing his other leg along with other internal injuries. Their family will suffer forever.

The driver of the motorcycle was barely injured- but screamed to the EMT’s he was in pain and needed medication.

That would be the point in time- I could not be a part of law enforcement because I would have taken a BIG ASS BOOT and jammed it into his head.

When the motorcycle driver was arraigned in court, after his very short stay in the hospital- he flipped everyone off. Really- I have a picture of it.

I think about that time- I would have found a way to put this creep out of his misery. And ours.

The guy had 6 prior DUI’s. WHAT? Are you kidding me?

I have known a lot drunks in my life- and more than a few motorcycle riders. This creep represents none of them. He is a sociopath- plain and simple. He has no remorse, no guilt. He is a classic case and clearly he has wormed his way out of trouble more than a few times. No “recovery” home or incarceration is going to fix this guy.

I can’t stand harm to a child. It just un-nerves me. I know my dad felt the same way. Being a policeman took a toll on him- especially when he was a homicide detective. I don’t have his restraint though. It’s much better that I choose to write about these atrocities, then deal with people I believe would be better off in another world.

I can only imagine the pain the family and loved ones of little Melody are going through. My thoughts are with them. I’ll hope… that Marin County puts this guy away forever. And if something untoward should happen to him in jail- so be it.

April 10, 2010

Here is an update on the trial

July 14th

July 27th.
When I first wrote this blog- I thought it would not be a bad thing if something untoward should happen to the murderer of Melody while he was in jail. I wrote those words. I'm not usually so prophetic- but in this case I have to say I think I'm glad I was. Still NOTHING will ever heal the pain Melody's family lives with daily. My prayers go out to the Osheroff family tonight.


  1. I agree with you on every count. This guy is a true piece of subhuman garbage. I was sickened to read all the articles about this incident. I'm a motorcyclist and I could never even think of riding after drinking.

  2. I knew her she went to my school.


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