Saturday, August 4, 2012

So Many Words

So it turns out I do have an opinion about everything. That probably does not surprise some of you- but it sort of surprised me. It surprised me because I have spent the last few years prioritizing what things I cared enough to write about. (Sorry for the end of sentence preposition.)  Little did I realize that when I can’t write- my frustration level rises and suddenly I do have an opinion about everything.

After almost a month of no writing, here are my thoughts in a rather large nutshell.

I had two of my late brother’s three grandchildren here for four days, along with my own son. That is so many more people than I am used to I thought I might get cranky, but I didn’t at all, well,  at least not until the last half of the last day and that was more of me over mothering my son (and shrinking the jeans he specifically asked me NOT to wash.) and him getting cranky, then me returning the favor. At least that’s how I see it.

The girls are 14 and 11 and they are great kids, my niece Joanna and her husband Ben have done a great job with these kids. They are smart, funny, beautiful and just a dash of crazy. They fit right in here. The 5 year old stayed home, maybe I’ll take her next year.

Nick came up because he loves these kids, and I have to say they are easy to love. I’m not the super duper aunt I was to Kelly & Marni when they were young and I was young too- I am older and tired as hell and maybe a little less flexible when it comes to letting kids do things. But, I really did enjoy having the girls here.

While the girls were here, we heard the news about the killings at the theater in Aurora. A dozen people I spoke to must have asked - why would someone do this? There is no why. He is just crazy- there is no why good enough to explain this to my satisfaction. It’s not the fault of the movie, or the theater, or the President of the United States (I actually heard someone blame him) – and maybe it’s the fault of society in general for being cowards in the first place and not calling a nut a nut when they meet one. For allowing kids to act out and do what they will because they don’t want to deal with the fall out. Or maybe he was just born crazy. None of the reasons will ever bring any family member or loved one peace. Not one reason will make them say- oh okay- I get it now- INCLUDING calling it God’s big plan. Bullshit. No God worth a damn would plan this. Sorry all you God people- but I’ll never buy that load. Either God is good or there is no God- you can’t have a bad God.

I have noticed an uptick in the people interested in Veterans and their issues. Since I have been writing about this for 3 years or so, I have not seen a lot of attention out there- and certainly not a lot of answers or solutions. But in the past few weeks I have seen numerous articles and interviews on the subject- and maybe- just maybe the nations leaders will start to HEAR what is being said.

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates 18 veterans die by suicide each day.

18 is 18 too many. They come home to families that love them but don’t know how to help them- and many of them alienate their families because they feel alienated from a world that does not understand where they have been or what they have done.  It’s the silent rule- don’t talk about it. Just deal. 

If you really want to help these veterans – then don’t forget to thank them for their service, if you have the ability to employ them do so, and try not to waste the life that all veterans have made possible for YOU; many by sacrificing their own lives. Do something selfless- just try it.


Chick-a Fil: Who cares what some Southern Baptist cracker thinks about anything? Really.  We all know there are religious zealots in the world- some are Christian, some are Muslim, and some are Jews or whatever. ( I have never met a Buddhist zealot) . Honestly- I bundle all of them into the same package and toss it out with the garbage.


Facebook: People- USE YOUR WORDS. I am sick to death of seeing little posters with little sayings written by unknown or possible some known people. An occasional quote is one thing- but 20 in row? Ugh.


I watched with pride this week as a group of my fellow Marine Parents joined forces to help another Marine Parent whose 18 month-old granddaughter was recently diagnosed with cancer. Votes and prayers were asked for, and votes and prayers were given for little Sophie May, and her family ended up winning $10,000, which will go towards her medical bills. (Which of course is not fully covered by insurance.)  See link below to read more about Sophie May. The contest is over but positive thoughts are still needed.

The Olympics: I wish I had more time to watch the Olympics. I admire so many Olympians – especially those that against all odds make it through and then win a medal. Or maybe they don’t win a medal but they get there and they realize they have done something amazing.  I was especially moved by the South African runner Oscar Pistorius- because once again I was reminded that we can overcome many obstacles in life if we have the right attitude.

Politics: I saw a chart in some magazine that showed how much people have donated to the presidential campaigns. It made me sick to think that people would spend that much on political campaigns and not donate it to other more deserving causes, like – oh I don’t know- how about our veterans? How about the MILLIONS of people with no food for their kids because they have been out of work for forever? How about cancer research, ALS research, Parkinson’s research, MS research, MD research?   I have studied both candidates and I don’t love either one of them. For me it comes down to this: Who is most likely to get us into another war? Who has the least (or most) experience with diplomacy? Which one is the least arrogant?  (a toss up). Intellectually, who can best back up that arrogance?  Who has made up the most (and stupidest) lies about the other party? 

I am a registered unaffiliated voter. I have never voted for a “party” and I don’t understand why anyone does. I vote for the person that I identify with the most. I vote for the person that will make life better for the MOST people- even if that does not include me.

Here’s the thing about me though. I don’t hate either one of them. I don’t blame sitting presidents for every stupid ass thing that goes on in the world. (Especially things they have no power/control over.) I wouldn’t make up lies about either candidate to make my favorite look better. (Nor do I believe 75% of what I read in the media- ANY media.)  I research every single statement. Every. Single. Fact.

I would be less worried about the future if I thought people used common sense when going to the polls and not hatred. My only hope is to cancel out the vote of some moron voting for someone just because they “hate” the other guy.

Well- I think that is everything for now. Since I have gotten all this off my chest, I think I can now work on my novel without crazy lady thoughts jumping in my head and making my characters say things that they would not normally say. I’m sure you all wish I kept a daily journal so you wouldn’t have to deal with my occasional brain dump, but if I had time for a journal I would have time to write- and I just don’t.