Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa

Charlie Wigington

Happy Birthday Papa

My dad would have been 86 today but Lou Gehrig’s cut his life short 21 years ago. He was an imperfect man with perfectionist character traits and a heart as big as Texas.

He was good at so many things- a good policeman, a good investigator, a good writer, a good singer, a good painter, a good builder – the list goes on. But, I never saw him as happy as he was when he was listening to music he loved.

When my brother was in his motorcycle accident, Dad came up from Los Angeles, my sister, Angie and her (then) husband introduced him to Leon Redbone’s music and Dad fell hard.

His favorite was “Seduced”. This song brought my dad the only pleasure he would have during those horrible days after that accident.

So Happy Birthday Dad- Here is your tune. ;o)